Vehicle Payment Options Available to Spear Motors Customers
Cash or Full Payment

At the time of order, you can make full payment for your preferred vehicle in stock in our showroom. Our Sales Representative will provide you with a quotation, which will include Spear Motors’ bank details.

Full Payment by Installment

The installment option offers you the opportunity to make a 50% deposit at the time of order confirmation. Thereafter, you can make further payments until the full vehicle amount has been completed. Full payment is required before vehicle delivery.

Vehicle Asset Financing or Hire Purchase

You can choose to purchase your vehicle through vehicle asset financing with a commercial bank of your choice. This option allows you to make an initial deposit of about 20% and thereafter complete payment in instalments over several months. The exact period and monthly payment amount will be determined by the bank.

Vehicle Leasing

The vehicle leasing option allows you to use a vehicle for a fixed period of time with an agreed fixed monthly payment plan through a leasing agent.