Welcome to Spear Motors website.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure to see and share with you the growth of our company in the face of highly competitive times through which the motor vehicle sector is passing. Spear Motors’ reputation is more than its financial performance. It is the totality of its identity, the value of its brand, its standing in the community and its performance in the marketplace. We are unique because of our unparalleled balance in both product and service. To ensure our leadership in the marketplace we continue delivering excellent results and offer services with price and performance advantages to customers.

We have been in this business for over 40 years now and are still excited by the prospects for the future. Among the reasons for our optimism is a trend in the increasing desire for our products, services and the development of new opportunities for sustained, profitable growth. We understand that our leadership efforts are fundamental for success, and we will support and drive this relentlessly. This journey, however, is not ours alone. It is all about partnerships with our stakeholders – our employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, government and non-government organizations and communities.

Spear Motors’ employees are immensely proud of the contribution the company has made in the motor industry and are looking to the even greater contribution we will make in the years and decades ahead. This commitment starts with our mission and the unwavering dedication to offer exceptional customer service experience. We believe that excellence in customer care, providing the best of services at most affordable prices is good for our business. We vow to continue with this journey and the upkeep of our bottom-line.

We are tremendously fortunate to act on our beliefs and open new creative opportunities to bring our products and service within reach of the masses.

For instance; a financing car loan scheme in partnership with several banks (including Stanbic Bank, Orient Bank, KCB Bank, NC Bank, Imperial Bank, DFCU Bank and many more) was introduced recently to make it easier for the public to purchase brand new Mercedes Benz cars and trucks, Fuso and Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge cars of their choice with a minimum deposit of 20% and monthly payments for a period of up to 5 years*.

Remembering that great companies are judged not by what they say but by what they do, we create systems that enable our employees to use our values of integrity, respect, performance excellence and accountability to make decisions and run the business. Most of all, we do it every day. Finally, my thanks to my fellow Directors for their help and support to both myself and management.

Thanks again for your interest in Spear Motors!


Gordon Wavamunno