Anything that does an excellent job attracts attention of almost everyone to the extent of them getting nearer to it or using it. That thing would attract recognition once appreciated by many.

The new Fiat Professional Fullback is that thing. It was recently voted “Pick-up of the Year 2017” in the first competition ran by the highly respected French magazine, “4×4 Magazine.”

Its configurations, sizes and engines are in line with the best in class, as Fiat Professional’s pick-up was created to meet the real needs of professional customers. The vehicle also displays outstanding flexibility once work is done making it suitable for all kinds of uses, following Fiat Professional’s philosophy.

Among the winning features of the Fullback model are their great payloads, over a ton capacity and over three tons towable mass.

The Fiat Fullback’s 4×4 low gear range makes it easy to tackle the toughest conditions with the vehicle at full load.

The Fullback pick up features a sporty look, thanks to the forward cabin and reduced front overhang, and a clear “touch” of Italian style, in line with the brand’s own style, while its interior is as functional as any professional vehicle, but with comfort and elegance. As regards the architecture of the suspension, the front of the Fullback envisages a sophisticated double arm layout with anti-roll bar whereas, at the rear, a solid axle is fitted with leaf springs for maximum reliability and sturdiness.

The Fullback available at Spear Motors Ltd is equipped with a 2.5-litre common rail turbo diesel engine with 100kw / 136 hp, and a five-speed manual transmission.

Unique features on the Fiat Fullback are: sprayed bed liner, trailer hitch as well as an entertainment system with touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity.

Buying a dream vehicle for the road is one thing; enjoying it is another. Inventors and users of this Fiat model have so far testified that it has a powerful, muscular look and belongs to a group of dream cars. Go get it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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